Minutes of General Residents Meeting 2nd April 2014

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Minutes of General Residents Meeting 2nd April 2014

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The minutes of the general meeting of the Victoria Wharf Residents’ Association held on
2 April 2014 at the Association’s meeting rooms Roma building.
Committee Members present: Mark Pendleton (MP) – chairman; Keith Lewis, Brian Kay, Phil Clarke, Brenda John
Residents present see attached signed list of attendees. It was noted that there were attendees from each building in Victoria Wharf.


Clive Upjohn, N and L Barnes, G McCarthy, DG and TN Rees

Matters arising

Item 9. The general meeting did not take place as expected 3 months after the previous meeting. The chairman apologised explaining that it had been a mixture of not being able to report on completed tasks and time pressures experienced by the committee members. The chairman confirmed that General meetings would be scheduled more frequently in future.
Item 1. MP said that there was a better control on costs since the appointment of Graeme Richards. Indeed the employees on site had just had their first pay rise for some 3 years.
Item 3. Car parking was an agenda item to be discussed later.
Item 5. Roma gates to be discussed later.
Report on committee activities
1. The relationship with NGP for monitoring onsite parking was an agreement not a contract. A new company CPS was to commence on site on 10 May 2014. This would require all residents to sign new agreements. Various residents made comments:-
a. Some had been told that double parking in a space was permitted if it did not cause obstruction. They had been ticketed. This will be addressed by the committee with GR and the new company to ensure that tickets are not issued in such circumstances
b. Other residents wanted to speak to an individual not an answering machine. The new company has promised that calls will be answered
c. There was discussion about having a 10 minutes grace period before a car would be ticketed
d. It was agreed that there should be notices on boards about parking procedures.
2. It was noted that the traffic lights to the upper parking level now work on a movement sensor. This should avoid the long waits previously experienced with the timed changes.
3. Roma gates are now replaced with 2 opening gates. The provision of crocodile teeth to prevent wrong way use is under consideration. In view of noise that might be experience by some flats overlooking the entrance, the gates contractor is investigating if quiet designs can be identified. The adoption of readable permits in car windscreens for access had also been discussed at the committee. This would replace the current fobs but in view of costs and issues of practicality, this had been deferred until the new company becomes established and the situation reviewed after a time.
4. Rubbish such as Christmas trees and abandoned items which had been left in the site have been removed and one particular area had been fenced to discourage future rubbish being left.
5. Volunteers for committee members should make themselves known to the secretary at 149 Roma.
6. The committee had explored an alternative to Virgin TV and it is possible to have aerials on the roof of the various buildings. The necessary wiring would need to be made to each apartment at the expense of the resident. The committee is to investigate demand and expense.
7. It was reported that Picton and Roma had been repainted.
8. The committee has had some discussion with Warwick Estates on the subject of residents pursuing The Right to Manage. This would mean seeking majority support from residents to pursue a legal route to take direct control the management of the development. Warwick Estates is involved with other developments in Cardiff and would be interested to provide onsite management and offer support in pursuing The Right to Manage.
It is thought that these might give some savings over the expenses charged by Consort. The view of the meeting was that the committee should explore the practicalities and details of how the relationship might be effected using a management company established by the residents. It was recorded that further progress should be reported at an open meeting of residents.
Any other business
9. Residents had reported issues with the entrance and lift at the side entrance to Alexandria. The committee would ask GR to investigate.
10. There are external cracks on walls in Alexandria. These have been referred to GR for investigation.
11. There was demand from a resident for better communication from the committee. It was hope that this would improve attendance at future general meetings. Residents were reminded that communication could be made via the e-mail address vwra@victoriawharf.net, and via the forum on www.victoriawharf.net or directly with any of the committee members. There is also a Facebook page and Twitter account in existence, although use of these by residents is not very high. There was a general feeling that the committee should investigate holding a social event such as a barbeque.
12. A resident reported that the riverside rear entrance to Beatrix was broken this would be referred to GR. Comment was made that there had been a theft of property from a locked ground floor room in Beatrix.
13. The improvement in cost control was favourably reported. It was noted that one of the highest expenses was water supply which was metered to the site but not by apartment. This does not encourage savings by the resident. GR is also working on getting LED bulbs installed which will reduce the electricity bill.
14. The nuisance of casual disposal of cigarette buts was noted. In particular their being thrown from balconies with the obvious safety hazards this brings.
15. The next general meeting to be held in approximately 3 months. The date will be notified in due course.
Meeting concluded 9.30 pm.

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